Just like any other software, browser features come and go. The key difference is that features are often deprecated and scheduled for removal before they are effectively no longer available.

It’s important that we keep our web applications up to date and replace deprecated features before the deadline so it doesn’t impact our users.

By enabling Reporting API, browsers will automatically send Deprecation reports to the default endpoint.

Does your website have Deprecation reports enabled? Check it now.

Practical Example

To enable Deprecation reports all we have to do is add a new HTTP response header.

Report-To: {"group":"default","endpoints":[{"url":""}],"max_age":86400,"include_subdomains":true}
Reporting-Endpoints: default=""

The setup above will tell browsers to send Deprecation reports to Flowports, so you can take proactive actions to remove usage of Deprecated features.

Deprecation Screenshot
An example of a Deprecation report collected by Flowports.
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