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Using browser's native capabilities, Flowports can help you find issues with your Content Security Policy and network components like DNS, CDN, and web servers.

Easy, non-intrusive, and JavaScript-free setup. Privacy-friendly by design.

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A better way to find problems you can't currently see

Content Security Policy

Developers use Content Security Policy (CSP) to harden their web applications against certain types of attacks, like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks. A well configured and strict policy is usually what most teams should aim for added security, but on the other hand, a mistake on a policy could result in unexpected errors for the users that you might never be aware of.

Flowports can store policy violation reports coming directly from your user's browsers so you can be sure your policy is both secure and stable.

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Network Error Logging

It's common for users to have trouble connecting to web servers due to DNS/TCP or any other network related instability. From the server's point of view, everything is ok, but how can you be sure there isn't a regional network issue affecting a subset of your audience?

With Flowports you get reports directly from your users' browsers when they receive network errors when using your application.

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Browsers are constantly evolving and while developers love to keep an eye on new features, we often forget about the deprecated ones. Relying on deprecated features can be detrimental to user experience and cause unexpected failures.

Flowports can help you find browser features used by your application that are (or will be) deprecated.

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Browsers can block requests made by an application not only for security and performance reasons, but also if a request might cause user annoyance. Intervention should be minimized in order to give users a better experience.

With Flowports you get reports every time a browser intervention happens so you can the actions to prevent that from happening again.

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It's often unknown why browsers crash, but what we definitely know is that no one likes when that happens. Although JavaScript can be used to catch most browser exceptions, it&apo;s not possible to know when it crashes. Ever thought that your web app might be crashing browsers?

Flowports can help you identify if and which pages of your web app are causing browsers to crash.

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Include some specific HTTP headers on your website to tell browsers they need to send reports to your bucket.
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